Building Bothell’s tomorrow

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There is tremendous change happening in the City of Bothell and with that change brings a tremendous opportunity to be a part of its future.

The community desires a vibrant renewed downtown, centered on its 100-year-old historic Main Street and the Sammamish River. As a result, the City of Bothell is executing an extensive Downtown Revitalization Plan.

Bothell’s combination of big city demographics and small town feel will support and sustain the downtown’s commercial, retail, and residential growth. An ecomonic study developed by The Concord Group in summer 2009 notes that the city can capture one million square feet of current projected 10 year (2010-2020) demand for new retail, office, and residential development in the downtown district. With the city’s investment of over $150 million in public infrastrastructure, that potential expands.

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Click here to view the complete Downtown Subarea Plan & Regulations.

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